My 1st Corvette Experience

Corvette In my Eyes.


I dont know about you,

but Corvette seems to have been part of me,

ever since I can remember.

And I’m Not even an American!

I grew up in the United kingdom.

My First Corvette was a Bright Orange 1972 C3.

1972  corvette C3

Ok, it wasn’t actually mine,

and it wasn’t actually a drivable car!

I was 3 years old, and it was a toy car

that my parents bought for my older brother

who was born in 1972.

But he preferred the Tonka Toy Truck,

so the corvette came MY way :-)

I played with it ALL the time,

and imagined my self actually driving it,

doing burn outs, broad siding and revving the engine.

I actually started to sound like a V8 (well, so i thought)

I loved that car.

Well, time passed by and my passion for cars turned into my career,

In my 20’s I was working in an Automotive facility that Imported

Cars from America into South Africa

(where i now live)

And I’ll never forget the day we imported a 1992

Corvette ZR1.


And part of my job was pre-delivery testing of vehicles.

I couldn’t wait to finally drive a real corvette.

After driving a few miles down a suburban road and checking

that all the peripherals were functioning properly,

I turn out onto an open road

and finally put my foot down.

Only to feel disappointed with the pull away.

It was fast, but not WOW fast! So i turned around,

and was about to head back

with a down turned mouth,

when i noticed an extra key on the center console.

When i turned it, my Whole experience changed.

You see, the key was set on economy.

This cleverly minimized the output of the engine and

performance, and really tamed the power.

Essentially, i was only driving on one bank of cyllinders (4)

turning the key “activated” the OTHER 4 cyllinders


There was my WOW!

It felt like WAY more than double the power,

in fact it was overwhelming!

But everything that i had always expected from a Corvette.

Needless to say, i have LOVED Corvettes even more

since then and driven many.

But when i saw the 2014 Corvette, my heart just melted.

So i decided to start this Fan Club

so we can all share in the glorious enthusiasm that is



Set launch date in your calendar

Brett Jackson

2014 Corvette Fan Club


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