A Proven Step-by-step Event Marketing Formula That Results in Likes, Leads, and Sales.


If you think event marketing has nothing to do with you, then let me nudge you to think again…


Take 22Social for example… Our competition hasn’t been event marketing; so seemingly we shouldn’t do it either, right? Wrong! Day-by-day we pass by our competition, taking more and more market share, despite the fact that they have a MUCH larger advertising budget and bigger staff.


I’m not writing this to impress you, but to impress upon you that if you want a competitive edge, it might be time for you to reinvent your marketing too.


In this note you will gain the insight, tools, and knowledge that we have already proven to work many times over.


It’s no secret that at 22Social we are a Facebook + Mobile App Builder who is hot for Google Hangouts. Quite frankly, we’re surprised more marketers haven’t fallen in love too.


We’ve pretty much centered our entire week around a Google Hangout/Facebook Event to deliver awesome free content streaming live from our Fan Page, or to your mobile device.


This allows us to provide more value to more people, creating real real fans, not just customers. There’s a difference.


It is how you take market share, and not lose it.


Before we get started let me warn you…


Not everyone will be your Fan.


You will undoubtedly come across “haters” or simply “non-fans.” They won’t agree with you, with what you teach, share, or what you stand for, and that’s OK. In fact, if it’s not happening you probably don’t have very many “Fans.”


The stronger your sense of purpose the less these “haters” will affect you.


Don’t worry about the “non-fans.” Worry about your Fans.


Whether you are a newbie, pro, or guru, we have a formula for you to run your “side business” or your entire “empire” from  the comfort of your home.


In this training we are going to show you how to create an event, drive traffic, and build a list so you can maximize the attendance to your event.


What you need to host your event:

  1. Facebook Fan Page
  2. Phone Verified Google+ Account
  3. 22s Marketing App


Everything else is just pictures and words. Let’s start with “words.”


We use Google Docs to brainstorm, and collaborate on.

Here’s an outline you can steal from us. www.googlsomthin


What’s your event about? First write a headline.

IE: “A Proven Step-by-step Event Marketing Formula That Results in Likes, Lead, and Sales.”


Next write out your entire presentation. This will later be posted as a Facebook Note to give your audience more value. Like the one you are on now :)


Once you have the main content it will be easier for you to write the remaining ad copy.

Here’s a list of what you will need.

  • Ad copy for Facebook Event (100-500 words).  www.fb.com/634314463246439
  • Ad copy for your 22s App (Headline, subheadline, heading, body, and button text).
  • Ad copy for 2 Facebook Posts. The first 24-36 hrs before event the other 5 minutes before. (keep call-to-action above “see more”) www.fb.com/277140642426699
  • Ad copy for email, tweets, text etc. (optional)


What you need for graphics.

  • Image for event header (Exact size: 714 x 264 px)
  • Posting image number 1 (We use a 16 x 9 ratio, example: 800 x 450 px – Looks great in an image slider as well)
  • Posting image number 2
  • Presentation: Use Powerpoint or KeyNote. This can be your note simply  broken down like we’ve done here: (link coming soon)


Resources for making cool images & presentations:


Promotional Plan


This is how you are going to get people to your event. This is assuming you have a list, or at least friends on Facebook… or you at least know someone who has friends and is willing to help you.


1 Week to 48 hours before the event.

  • Set up 22s App: Go to 22s.com/account select your page and edit the
  • Create Facebook Event
  • Post image on Facebook


24 hour before event.

  • Send email, SMS, tweet,  alert.
  • Invite your friends to the event in facebook.


1 hour pre-game.

  • Send FB Notification thru your FB Event Page (2): 1 hour and 10 minutes before the Event time.
  • 5 minutes before you go live post image #2 of Facebook.


Can you post more? Absolutely.



Add More Traffic


Feeling confident? Are you ready to put your money and your reputation on the line?


Lets kick it up a notch.


All your friends who said they were “going” to the event can also invite people from their friends list. Ask them to do that, especially the influential ones.


You can also promote your event using Facebook paid promotions.


Promote your post to your Fans and Friends of your fans.

Run PPC to your app as illustrated here: www.fb.com/postssfe

Advertise your post on PPC.


Note: Facebook ads need time to be approved so start early. You can always pause or alter a promotion after it has begun.



Product Creation


What if you don’t have a product?


Well, we gave you all the tools to create a killer presentation above right?


The question really is; “How do I package and sell your content.”


Meet PayPal & Google, they did all the hard work for you.


Packaging your digital product can be as easy as saving it in a PDF format and emailing a link after a purchase. However, if you don’t have a website, or you require more security, Google has got you covered.


With Google Docs, and Google Sites you can host just about any kind of content.


Conveniently Google allows you to set your content to “Public,” “Unlisted,” and “Private.”


Public: Everyone can see it. No security but, sometimes you don’t need it to be secure.


Unlisted: Only people with a link can see it. It won’t pop up on your pages (+/YouTube) or in search engines but, people can pass it around so security is very low.


Private: Only people who have a Google account and who you have given permission to can see your content. If you are just getting started then stick to a simple document or presentation. If you’re a Guru, use one of the many Google Website free templates.


No hosting, no coding, no resetting member passwords. Thank you Google.


In addition to giving your members access to your “Google Guarded” content, you can also foster a community and communicate with your tribe privately in a Facebook Group.


Example offer: Click to purchase/join below and instantly receive step-by-step instructions on how to XYZ. You’ll gain access to our weekly Hangout sessions where industry professionals will train you on how to ABC. As a member you can also access these archives on demand in our 24/7 members only library. Act now and you’ll gain access to our limited and private Facebook Group, where you’ll get live support from our community, our trainers, and myself.


Does event marketing only pertain to live presentations and digital products?  No, you can use this for any event including offline events.



How You Take Money


Use PayPal.com to create payment buttons. Get the URL not the code. You do this by selecting “email” in the final step of the button creation process. By clicking this URL it sends a visitor directly to a familiar and safe PayPal order page.


Insert the URL into your 22Social “Action Button” URL redirect. Now you can effectively present your offer and collect leads on their way to the order page.


You can even get a “verified” PayPal account and create subscription payments. This is ideal for your membership website as all subscriptions for auto payment are managed thru their own PayPal account.


If a customer places an order the money goes directly into your PayPal Account. This money can be transferred to you bank account in 3 business days or you can apply for a PayPal Credit Card in which case your money becomes instantly available…


Yes, if you are picking up what I’m putting down here, then you realize you can build a business and have real money in your hand in a matter of days, not weeks, months, or years!


Once you’ve done it once, you can do it again, and again. Its like creating money on demand.


Why aren’t more entrepreneurs using these solutions? Why have you not heard this info before? Because not all of this was possible. PayPal, Facebook, Google are a part of more people’s everyday lives today than they were just 3 years ago.



Multiply Your Efforts


Where do you think you’re going? Get back here, we’re not done yet. You have this awesome piece of content.


Repurpose it!


Sell it, guard it, split it up, gift it, add it to autoresponder.


Get partners: simulcast your broadcast






We’re going to add more to this soon… this should be enough to get you started 😉




Let us know what you liked best in this note…
& let us know what you want to learn more about!


Facebook gives you the ability to add apps to your fan page. This gives you an environment that you control on your fan page. Facebook wants you to use this area to create a valuable “user experience.” At 22Social, we give you the fastest, easiest way to add an app to your fan page. If you look at our page, you can see that we have several apps on our page. 22s Apps come with a Smart-Link that we use in all of our posts. Using the Smart-Link ensures that the content is displayed properly on ANY device, including Smart Phones and Tablets. We generally offer free training, tools & resources in our promotions. When they visit our app, they are forced to Like our page before they can get the content. This value exchange is how we generate over 100 new fans every day with $0 in advertising. Cool right? That is the power of an app.

➔ Get your free 22s App! www.22s.com/free/9218


Written by:

Brett Jackson
22Social Marketing
Self Taught Internet Marketer
Top Network Marketing Recruiter

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bret.jackson.98837

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/LeadcaptureApp


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