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Here’s a simple strategy to grow your business online… Focus 99% of your energy on building your Brand on Facebook. Sound too easy? That’s the point.


What about all the other social networks? What about blogging? What about my website? Forget about ‘em! Unless you’ve already invested a ton of time and money into something else, you’re best bet is to focus on Facebook.


If you’re like me, you’ve probably poked around the internet and have found a thousand different strategies to reach your online marketing goals. You’ve probably wasted time a lot of time and effort (like I have) attempting to build your brand all over the web. If you’re a modern day “Solopreneur” then you can’t try to be everything to everyone. You’ll get burnt out and no one will care about you. Sad face…


Well… after 5 years of consulting, building sites, blogs, fan pages, taking online marketing courses, and trying every free tool, program, and shortcut that I could find… I’ve come to this conclusion: Facebook is the most effective way to build your brand online. This is the conclusion shared by all of us here at 22Social, and it is profoundly evident by the fact that we do 100% of our sales through Facebook.


Are we endorsed by Facebook? No. We’ll try anything out there… but like I said, nothing else is working as well right now; at least consistently. And, more importantly, nothing else is as EASY.
With that in mind, I’m going to give you a breakdown how we’re using Facebook to build OUR brand, grow OUR community, and reach OUR financial goals. You can take this information and use it however you want to build YOUR brand.

Warning, this is NOT an overnight solution. At 22Social, we believe in LUCK: Laboring Under Correct Knowledge. Learn from us and save yourself a lot of time and money!


Facebook cares about you.

The BETTER your page performs, the more MONEY they make.


Facebook is working hard to create easy-to-use marketing tools and educational resources. In April, 2013, TechCrunch reported that “Facebook is entering the next phase of its small business education program” and “the challenge for Facebook is now educating moms and pops, and simplifying its ad tools.” (Read full article here:


Additionally, a reporter covering the Interactive Local Media West Conference in Los Angeles gave these insights as to what Facebook has planned in the future:


“Facebook is trying to turn Pages into more of ‘a really nice hub solution,’ where it’s not just about pushing content out to fans, but also making Pages a destination that people visit when they want to learn more. That’s already happening — Levy said there are 150 million people visiting Pages every day, and nearly half those visits come from mobile. To push further in that direction, Facebook is adding features like galleries to highlight products in a more visual way, and more simple things like the ability to list a businesses’ hours and menus.”

(TechCrunch. Dec, 2013. Read full article here:

What does it mean? Fan Pages are only going to get more powerful and easy to use. Combine that with the world’s most active userbase, and you have all the ingredients for some tasty results.

Build your brand on Facebook! Everything you do should center around building an audience on Facebook and converting them into customers.
(You can create a fan page here:


Your Timeline can be considered your “Home Page.” This is where visitors will land if when they stumble across your fan page. We use our Timeline to help visitors find what they are looking for. The images clearly reflect our brand and overall mission as a company. We use apps as a menu, making it clear what we want our visitor to do. We use our posts as our “Blog.” We post updates, announcements, and tips, and always provide links to get additional information, along with a call to action and link to install our app. This is a great place for us to get feedback and interact with our fans. Contrary to a WordPress blog or other type of blog, we can instantly reach our fan base with our posts, and even pay for additional exposure within a few easy clicks.


➔ Add Profile Pic & Edit Thumbnail + Add Image Description & Call to Action with Link
➔ Edit Cover + Add Image Description & Call to Action with Link
➔ Tabs: Add apps, then customize image & name
➔ About Section: Add unique selling proposition & Call to Action with Link
➔ Wall: Encourage fans to post good reviews
(Why reviews matter:
➔ About Section: Add unique selling proposition & Call to Action with Link


➔ Create awesome images:
➔ Resize images perfectly for Fan Page:
➔ Dingbats for posts:  Examples: ✔➔❤ ►★ 
➔ Tips on styling your Timeline:
➔ Auto-posting tool:
➔ 20% Tool:

The “About Section” is becoming more and more important. With the release of “Graph Search,” Facebook adds emphasis to your page keywords, descriptions, and other meta data. Google also crawls this info for their search indexing, so there are tons of benefits to spending a little extra time here. We try to keep our message personable, always emphasizing the benefits of our product and how they can get started. You can get creative here by putting testimonials, product descriptions, and calls to action.

Tips: Provide a call to action in your “Short Description” and link it to your 22s App Page… always lead people to your offer! The short description will show on the top of your Timeline, so be sure to double check to make sure it looks good. Provide a USP (unique selling proposition) by explaining your credibility, the problem at hand, and how you solve that problem.

➔ Page Settings FAQ:
➔ Great Example of an About Section:
➔ Optimize Your Facebook Page
➔ How to Optimize Your Facebook Page for Facebook Graph Search

Over 350 Million photos are uploaded daily on Facebook, making it the most popular photo sharing site in the world. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this? People are used to browsing, liking, commenting, and sharing photos on Facebook.

Tips: You can use your albums to tell your story, adding narrative, links, and quotes in the description area. Hint: the images you post can also be promoted! See an example of how 22Social is using Facebook Albums:

➔ Easily edit your pics:
➔ iPhone Image Editor:

How viral is your blog with those social plugins? Why not plug your blog into social? Notes are basically an extended post. You have more freedom to customize your note by adding pictures and structuring the organization of the content. Because notes are under the umbrella of your fan page, any likes, comments, and share are credited to your fan page.

➔ Use notes as a free resouce. They can be the destination of your Action Button on your app.
➔ Notes are sharable, and taggable… creating tons of viral possibilites.
➔ Facebook plans to make notes a big makeover in the near future, possibly to compete with Tumblr.

Facebook Events are truly a social event. You can easily set them up, others can socially invite each other and comment through Facebook. If a visitor confirms that they are “going” they can be messaged by your Fan Page for that event. We setup an event for each of our Hangouts and direct people to the event page from our app to “register.” This gives them an easy way way to add the event to their calendar, learn more about the event, and share it with friends. This is a built-in system on your fan page, so it also credits your fan page with all the social activity.

➔ You guests get notifications every time you update the event. So update it right before the event starts!
➔ Your guests get a reminder 1 hour before the event via Facebook. Sweet!
➔ You can direct message event guests form your personal profile.

Facebook gives you the ability to add apps to your fan page. This gives you an environment that you control on your fan page. Facebook wants you to use this area to create a valuable “user experience.” At 22Social, we give you the fastest, easiest way to add an app to your fan page. If you look at our page, you can see that we have several apps on our page. 22s Apps come with a Smart-Link that we use in all of our posts. Using the Smart-Link ensures that the content is displayed properly on ANY device, including Smart Phones and Tablets. We generally offer free training, tools & resources in our promotions. When they visit our app, they are forced to Like our page before they can get the content. This value exchange is how we generate over 100 new fans every day with $0 in advertising. Cool right? That is the power of an app.

➔ Get your free 22s App!


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Brett Jackson
22Social Marketing
Self Taught Internet Marketer
Top Network Marketing Recruiter




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